• Public education is the single largest factor to upward economic mobility in existence. It allows people from every spectrum of the economic scale the opportunity to achieve their dreams
  • Employers need a workforce trained to be the most productive and skilled in the world. The economy needs to work for all Minnesotans, not just those at top.
  • A family man, carpenter, union leader, and school board member, Jeff Peterson loves to hunt, fish and ride his Harley.  Jeff is running to responsibly represent the people of Wyoming, Chisago City, Lindstrom, Shafer, Taylors Falls, Stacy, and North Branch, MN.
  • Minnesota boasts some of the world’s best healthcare and healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, these are not available to all Minnesotans. Many of our citizens are forced to choose between paying for healthcare or paying their monthly bills.
  • Nothing is more important to Minnesotans than clean water. From drinking to cooking, fishing to hunting, boating and so much more, water is a huge part of our everyday lives. As a parent, I want to insure we are responsible with the resources we share in this state. Future generations are counting on it.
Elect Jeff Peterson to represent Minnesota District 32B in the MN House of Representatives on November 6, 2018.  Including residents in the city's of Wyoming, Stacy, North Branch, Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, Shafer, and Taylors Falls, MN.

Elect Jeff Peterson

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 32B

DFL Endorsed - Building Hope for Minnesota

A family man, carpenter, union leader, and school board member, Jeff Peterson loves to hunt, fish and ride his Harley.  

With 3 children, 1 in college and 2 still in K-12, Jeff realized that he needed to do something to help ensure that children in his district had the opportunity to receive a quality education, and the chance to become what they want to be.  Jeff ran for and was elected to the Forest Lake School Board.

As a 19-year member of the Carpenters Union, Jeff knows the importance of being able to make a living wage in a work environment that encourages development and embraces equality.  

Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL)With his love of hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors with his family, Jeff knows how important it is to preserve and protect our environment, while still encouraging development in a responsible manner.

As a family man, Jeff understands firsthand the importance of a quality health care system that is accessible to everyone.

Please Vote for Jeff Peterson on November 6, 2018